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by secretary of state john kerry who is basically reiterating it today on sunday morning programs. he says a less immediate and concrete steps are taken in russia to de-escalate tensions, the effect on u.s. russian relations and russia's international standing will be profound. i convened the call was my counterparts around the world and we were unified in our assessment and we will work closely together to support ukraine and its people at this historic hour. earlier, thements u.s. suspending talks in sochi, we hear the same from france and the u.k.. idea, thisk this ofk of kicking russia out the g8 and turning it into the g7, there is a kind of national pride putin has. i don't think he cares much about being shamed or lectured were being told he's being a bad guy. i think he has determined for russia to have great power status and influence. what i don't know is how much he really cares about his g-8 designation and roll. that may be one interesting avenue. i am skeptical that will be decided in this situation. think we can talk about profound consequences, but we have used rhetoric in
, i want to thank you. and god bless all of you. >> secretary of state john kerry will be speaking for the american israel public affairs committee. his speech is scheduled to get underway at about 6 p.m. eastern. live coverage starts at 5:00 with her marked by senator chuck schumer of new york. and secretary kerry will leave tonight for ukraine. reuters is running a story about an increasing military threat that says, in part, russia's thek sea fleet has told forces in crimea to surrender. if they do not surrender by 5 a.m. tomorrow, a real assault will be started in the divisions of armed forces across crimea. that again, from reuters. earlier today at aipac, senator russiacain commented on and the ukraine. here's what he -- a bit of what he had to say. [video clip] >> i come to you with a heavy heart of what is happening in the ukraine. it is directly related to what is happening in the middle east him and obviously we know that what happens in the you middle east -- in the middle east is vital to the existence of the state of his -- israel. i will not go through the history of
of you know, john kerry is in kiev as we speak, at my direction. he's expressing our full support for the ukrainian people. over the past several weeks, we've been working with our partners and with the i.m.f. to build international support for a package that helps to stabilize ukraine's economy. and today we announced a significant package of our own to support the ukraine's economy and to also provide them with the technical assistance they need. it includes a plan loan guarantee package of $1 billion. it provides immediate technical expertise to ukraine to repair its economy. importantly, it provides for assistance to help ukraine plan for elections that are going to be coming up very soon. as i said yesterday, it is important that congress stand with us. i don't doubt the bipartisan concern that's been expressed about the situation in the ukraine. there is something immediate congress can do to help us. that is to help finance the economic package that could stabilize the economy in ukraine, help to make sure that fair and free elections take place very soon, and as a conseque
earlier today, what secretary kerry said in kiev today. what ambassador power said yesterday at the united nations security council. the mobilization that we saw russia undertake and the movement of troops that we saw russia undertake, the closing of roads, the surrounding of military bases in cry mia -- crimea was all done in response to an imaginary threat. there is no credible reporting of violence against ethnic russians in ukraine, eastern ukraine or crimea, and the president made clear and secretary kerry made clear and ambassador power made clear that if there is an issue and if there is protection that needs to be provided to ethnic russian in eastern ukraine, the proper and internationally lawful way to address those concerns is through international organizations. through the osce, united nations, and the united states would fully support efforts and would work with the ukranian government to support efforts to provide monitors and other means of assuring the protection of the rights of russian -- ethnic russians in ukraine. to fabry kate a reason to invade a country or to use mi
. latetement was issued yesterday by john kerry, who is making his appearance on sunday morning programs. he says that unless immediate and concrete steps are taken by russia to de-escalate tensions, the effect on our relations will be profound. i have convened a call with my counterparts from around the world to negotiate our next steps. towill work closely together coordinate. this is a headline from the washington post. as russian troops continue to seize crimea, a region that was once part of the soviet union, kathy says that russian troops and vladimir putin are setting the stage for a high-stakes international showdown over the future of ukraine. we are in the c-span studios and this is dominating the programs that will be heard later today. nancy, good morning. >> as you mentioned, ukraine will be front and center on all of the sunday shows as well as the week ahead in congress, politics and sexual assault in the military. you can hear a rebroadcasts beginning at noon eastern with "meet the press." include john kerry, marco rubio, and claire mccaskill of misery. also, jerry brown. sec
of state john kerry. >> on the next washington journal, we will be joined by national political reporter robert cost to discuss the administration's proposed budget for fiscal 2015 and republican alternative. you can call in with your questions about the political unrest in ukraine for stephen from who is ambassador 1998-2000. washington journal is live every day at 7 a.m. eastern. join the conversation on facebook or twitter. >> president says russia has violated ukraine's sovereignty and that the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic measures to isolate russia. the comments came during a photo israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this is 15 minutes. >> well, it is a pleasure, once again, to well, president netanyahu to the oval office there is no one i have met moore or consulted with more. it is a testament to the incredible bond between our two nations. i have said it before, and i will repeat, we do not have a closer friend or ally than israel, and the bond between our two countries or people that is unbreakable, and that is the reason why on the whole spectrum issues, w
of this is the green tinge gingrich.ridge -- that is essentially an employee salary. this is a kerry interest loophole. this allows managers to pay 23% tax rate instead of 29.6. he sees expansion. they are also expansions of childcare, credits and some other educational tax breaks as well. you mentioned no surprises in the tax break story you're talking about. surprises anywhere else in the budget? what is being most closely watched this morning cap come guest: i will look at how much spending and debt and economic rejections. this will be interesting where obama and the white house will say this is what we think unemployment will look like, the economy will look like. is going tobudget spend around $3.7 trillion or so . we want to see exactly what he is recommending for each show agency and the deficit projections for 10 years. they say it will be low work, but how to make at work. obama will not be including the chain cpi proposal. inflation is measured that would have the effect of lowering social security benefits and other federal benefits. the aarp andsed by liberals in congress. arguing itthat
some remarks about the agency for ment and development. secretary -- if secretary kerry were to develop this budget request, one fact was front and center. nation's % of the budget, america's defense has never been more vital to our economic prosperity or global leadership. whether in the mideast, ukraine, europe or our own hemisphere, diplomacy is needed now more than ever. investments in diplomacy and development are returned to us in security and jobs. this budget funds the work that is required to sustain long-term investment while regular recognizing the fiscal constraints we face as a nation. details are online, i'll just hit a few highlights here. the overall request is $46.2 billion. the base budget of $40.3 billion is consistent with the f.y. 2014 level this will enable us to carry out our global, dip lo -- ur global diplomatic and other missions, honor our commitments o allies and partners, keep up wur opiece keap -- peacekeeping activities and respond to crises such as the typhoon in the fill peeps. it funds key programs in iraq and afghanistan and helps sustain hard-fought
of the midon, the crisis in the ukraine has changed its face. it hasn't dissipated. and today secretary kerry was greeted in kiev by ukrainians pleading for the continued support of the united states. and so having been so clear voiced in our support of the ukrainian people thus far since the tproe tests began last november, now is the moment when republicans and democrats should stand united in this congress so years from now when a group assembles in kiev marking the anniversary of this grave crisis they will celebrate ukraine's political sovereignty and economic rebirth with more chance of thanks to the united states. so, in what shape should this support come? first, we need to stand together in the next week to deliver serious financial assistance to ukrainian economy that is weak and is growing weaker as this crisis persists. a $1 billion aid package is a good start, but our real work must happen within the structures of the i.m.f., which can provide the potentially tens of billions of dollars necessary to fully right the ukrainian economic ship. and while ukraine does need to undergo e
with president obama, vice president biden, secretary kerry, and the leaders of the u.s. congress. we had very good meetings. i thank them for their strong support for israel. [applause] for our security, including in the vital area of missile defense. i said that the greatest threat to our common security is that of a nuclear-armed iran. we must prevent iran from having the capability to produce nuclear weapons. i want to redirect -- reiterate that point. not just to prevent them from having the weapon, but to prevent them from having the capacity to make the weapon. [applause] must dismantle iran's heavywater reactor and its underground enrichment facilities. we must get rid of iran's centrifuges and its stockpiles of enriched uranium and we must insist that iran fully divulge the military dimensions of its nuclear program. 17 countries around the world have peaceful nuclear energy programs. they are doing this without spinning centrifuges, without enriching uranium, without operating heavywater facilities, and without conducting military nuclear research. onyou know why iran insists doing a
and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. kerry was in ukraine tuesday in a show support for the new government. a news conference with russian president vladimir putin and has some. -- in his home. he spoke with reporters on tuesday. this is just over an hour. to use force, it would be humanitarian. this is just over one hour. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. proposal. let's not have an interview but a conversation. i would like you to give you as many questions -- i will write them down. try to respond to them. later on, we will talk in detail. on some of the issues that you are interested in specifically. >> mr. pruden, i would like to mr. putin, how do you assess the events in kiev? you believe that the government or president are legitimate? under what conditions are you willing to support them? is it possible to go back to the agreements of february 21 which were mentioned often here? hold on a second. russia promised financial support to crimea. of atre an understanding what source and what conditions -- >>: the seco
-- is secretary of state kerry. democrats, (202) 585-3880. republicans, (202) 585-3881. independents, (202) 585-3882. us on social media as well. the russian foreign minister says that russian troops that have streamed into ukraine are protecting his country cost citizens living there. that it is necessary to use russian troops in ukraine until the normalization of the political situation. inventions -- interventions on the pretext of civilian populations produce the opposite effect. ukraine has accused russia of a military invasion. is our,ll, here chicago, illinois, morning. caller: good morning. host: what you think of the situation so far and the u.s. response? i am not the president nor do i serve on his foreign relations or national security team. what the u.s. response should be. unless anyone else who is calling and serves on those two hearties, they have no idea what the u.s. response should be, either. host: is any other response appropriate? caller: i can't say if a response would be appropriate, but there should be a response. georgetown, massachusetts, dan. caller: i suggest to the
government. i commend president obama and secretary kerry for their leadership. yesterday, the osce announced that 18 participating countries will send 35 unarmed military observers to ukraine. let them reveal the truth. countries with large ukrainian dies a practice, like our country, along with poland, canada, argentina, portugal, the united kingdom and kazakhstan, should have constructive means to help. the international community must make sure that election monitors are trained for the upcoming elections in ukraine on may 25. then, economically, the world community should proceed to work through ukraine's financial challenges. however, any financial assistance to ukraine should be contingent on repayment, and ukraine's new government must clearly at the fine performance standards and lay out a reasonable play to repay any foreign aid. it will require technical assistance, management expertise and loan personnel from governments throughout the world. in addition, the united states and other nations should impose targeted financial, economic, trade and travel sanctions on russian assets on
at 10:00 eastern. later in the afternoon, more coverage with john kerry and new york senator schumer starting at 5:00 p.m. on our companion network c-span 3. >> the new website makes it easier than ever for you to keep tabs on washington, via and share your finds facebook, twitter, and other social networks. easy search functions let you access daily coverage of events and new tools make it simple to great short video clips and share with your friends via social networks. you can send a link to your video clips via e-mail. finding the share tool or look for the green icon link throughout our site. watch washington on the new, if you see something of interest clip it and share it with your friends. >> vice president joseph biden spoke to the winter meeting last week and washington, d.c. he talked about democrats are going to the midterm elections and compare them to the republican party. [applause] >> please welcome the vice president of the united states. [applause] >> mr. vice president, i want to thank you for appearing on the beginning of seth meyers show
eastern and later with john kerry and chuck schumer, starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 3. >> the new website makes it easier than ever for you to keep tabs on washington, d.c. and share your finds on facebook, twitter, and other social networks. you can access our daily coverage of events, new tools make it simple to create short video clips and share them with your friends on a spoke, twitter, and other social networks, or you can send links on e-mail. just find be shared tools on our video player or look for the green icon links in our website. watch washington on the new and if you see something of interest, clip it and share it with your friends. joe biden spoke to the democratic national committee's winter meeting last week. he talked about democrats going into the 2014 midterm elections and compared them to the republican party. this is 25 minutes. [applause] >> please welcome the vice president of the united states. [applause] >> mr. vice president, i want to thank you for appearing on the beginning of seth meyers show the other night. we appreciate that very much.
coverage continues with secretary of state john kerry and new york senator john schumer, beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three. >> next, the future of u.s.-afghanistan relations. speakers include former special representative for afghanistan marc grossman. this is hosted by the u.s. institute of peace. this panel is one hour and 10 minutes. welcome on behalf of u.s. ip. i would like to thank all of you for coming, and our distinguished guests. we also want to thank our panelists for this first panel which is titled "the united states and afghanistan, the longview. view.the long -- the longview." given policy relations of late, there is lots of focus on the security transition and the upcoming political transition in 2014 in particular. i do think in terms of the current discourse in washington, talking about life beyond 2014 is taking a long view. i think that one of the objectives for today is to try to look at future relations between the u.s. and pakistan beyond 2014. there is a longer-term interest in this relationship. i think it is also important that we have a balanced a
of the tea party movement for remarks from secretary of state john kerry on the situation in ukraine. >> good afternoon. the morning passed incredibly rapidly. pleasure toy real tocome prime minister -- washington on a snowy day. me and we had a wonderful visit in december. tothat time i invited him come here to continue our conversation. the prime minister is leading a transformation. we are very pleased that they have continued their efforts to move forward their association agreement with europe. we are pleased to announce that we are going to add additional toding to their efforts develop competitiveness, which is key to their businesses and economic process. of $7.5add a total million to help in this particular transition. the united states has provided very significant economic assistance, close to $1 billion in the course of this transition. interested in helping the prime minister in his efforts to continue with his anticorruption initiatives in the country. we are very excited by the leadership that he and his government are providing as they really determine their own future and to
. secretary kerry and i and the acting foreign minister of ukraine will be in paris tomorrow. there is an opportunity for us to have consultations under the budapest memorandum. that is the technical answer. that is what it provides for. further to the point of the secretary's comments, the u.k. andived a limited supply exposure to consequences for the rest of europe. what do you do about ensuring the security of the supplies so does not end up limiting our ability to take actions against russians? with the gentleman is raising is very important but it is more of a medium to longer-term issue. there are important things we're doing now to a different side -- diversify energy supplies in europe. one of them was the new pipeline which we inaugurated the construction of in december but that will take several years to construct. although this is a medium to long term issue, i think what has just happened will be a sharp reminder to everyone in europe that it is an important issue. dealing with it is going to become one of the important foreign-policy security issues over the next
. as many of you know, john kerry is in key avenue as we speak, at my direction. as we speak, at my direction, with full support for the ukrainian people. we have been working with our partners and the imf to build support for a package that helps to stabilize ukraine's economy. today, we announced a significant package of our own to support the ukraine's economy, and to provide them with the technical assistance they need. it includes a plan loan guarantee package of $1 billion. it provides immediate technical expertise to ukraine to repair its economy. forrtantly, it provides assistance to help ukraine plan for elections that are going to be coming up very soon. as i said yesterday, it is important that congress stand with us. i do not doubt the bipartisan concern that has been expressed about the situation in the ukraine. there is something immediate congress can do to help us. that is to help finance the economic package that could stabilize the economy in ukraine, help to make sure that fair and free elections take place very soon, and as a consequence helps to de-escalate the
kerry and -- was absolutely right and the president was absolutely right in telling russian president putin that he he better think twice before he considers any kind of military intervention in ukraine. that is not something that can be or should be tolerated, and russia must understand that it cannot be a business as usual. if they make any military moves into ukraine, it's going to cost them a great deal in their relationships with the united states and with our european allies in the european union. it can't be business as usual. which leads me to iran. we are in very delicate negotiations with iran right now. the one thing that everybody agrees the p-5 plus one is that at the end of the day iran must not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. i have been very critical of the iranian regime through the years and continue to be so. what i. me especially is that while they are negotiating with us, they are continuing to wreak havoc in all different parts of the world. iran remains the leading supporter of terrorism throughout the world. in fact, if we look just next door into syria, a
were planning on covering has been canceled as well as of the weather. secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to speak at the american israel public affairs committee, or aipac, conference. live coverage of that begins at 5 p.m. with the israeli prime minister speaking at 6:15 p.m. meets with president obama at the white house. the associated press reporting that russia's foreign minister says his troops have been streaming into neighboring ukraine to protect russian citizens there. ukraine is accusing russia of a military invasion and is calling on the kremlin to pull its troops out of crimea. you and secretary-general ban ki-moon will meet with the russian foreign minister today discuss the situation. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to ukraine tomorrow. as a direct counter to president obama's recent emphasis on the gap between rich and poor, a recommendation of a sweeping overhaul on head start and medicaid. page batik -- underscoring where republicans say consolidation for spending reductions are needed. >> the internet as we know it today bears no resemblance
>> that is correct -- u.s. policy? that is correct. >> other than secretary kerry is call, have there been any other ukraine related conversations at the senior level? has the secretary spoken to any ukrainian officials? do with theto russians on this one? >> i do not have any additional calls to read out for you. the call that vice president biden had with the interim ukrainian prime minister. this is an issue that is being closely watched and looked at and discussed internally in the administration. >> i want to make sure i am accurate. the secretary spoke today? yesterday? specifically about ukraine and let russia may or may not be doing there. are those the only two calls he has had this week? >> those are the two calls he has had this week, yes. onspoke with him also sunday, which you were aware of. and saturday. >> he has spoken to him four times in six days. >> that is correct. they also talked about syria and middle east peace. >> today? >> yes. moscow could try to have a heavy hand on what is going on in the ukraine? >> this is an issue we are very closely engaged with. secretary kerry call
what secretary kerry is doing is to de-escalate the tension, the crisis, so that that gives us an environment where we can work through the current situation. as i noted in my opening comments, a number of diplomatic economic tracks are now in play. the president initiated those with our european partners. the u.n., osce, nato, buddha pest part -- budapest partners that signed the 1994 agreement, don't know what the status that have is today, but secretary kerry, as you know, was supposed to meet with the minister today. whether that's happened or not. these different tracks, diplomatic, economic, solve this problem diplomatically. we have interest, of course we do. that's the goal as you ask, what are we pursuing and what are we doing? i think it's the right approach. responsible approach. >> so would you say our goal is to de-escalate tensions or to see the russians removed from the crimea? >> we made that clear, our position. we have recognized the new government. we have said that the russians, as you know they have a basing agreement with crimea, and their troops should re
. 2014] security state john kerry will be traveling to the gradient k on tuesday. urged on support for ukrainian sovereignty and the ukrainian people having the right to terminate her own future -- determine their own future. some live coverage to tell you about tomorrow on the c-span networks. on c-span two we will be live from the brookings institution for a discussion with mac thornberry and representative larson. they will be talking but u.s. offense policy at 10:30 a.m. eastern. later in the day, county officials from around the country will gather for their annual legislative offices in washington dc. some of the features speakers will include housing secretary shaun donovan, a former utah governor, and west virginia senator. that will be live at 1:30 p.m. eastern. coming up next, newsmakers, with the chronic senator, -- with democratic senator tom harkin from iowa. then, an event looking at u.s. intelligence capabilities and challenges. >>? we are joined by tom harkin. welcome. we are joined by tom harkin. welcome. thank you for being here. two reporters to help us with ques
. in the afternoon, more live coverage with secretary of state john kerry and new york senator chuck schumer starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 3. >> the white house held its first-ever student film festival on friday. students were asked to make a short film about the importance of technology in the classroom. this is from the east room of the white house. it is about 15 minutes. >> hello. my name is shelley. i am a senior at metropolitan arts institute in phoenix, arizona and i am so excited to be here at the white house today. [applause] i started at metro in eighth grade and i spent five years honing my skills as a filmmaker. looking back, i realize without the technology that trial has provided for me, i would never have been able to make films or discover what i am passionate about. i saw an opportunity to share my story and my passion with others. technology has taught me to tell stories, teach and make an impact. i believe it is important for our generation to embrace technology and find ways to use it for good. now it is my pleasure to introduce president barack obama. [applause] >> hel
invite your comments on facebook and twitter. john kerry has arrived in kiev, ukraine. he brought a guarantee of loan to the ukraine. they hope to help prepare for elections and recover assets. according to the post, he is pledging economic and technical help area and -- technical help. met tosecurity council discuss the ongoing intervention in ukraine. every councilmember except russia supported mediation in that nation. samantha power listed what russia should do to resolve the situation peacefully. this is just under two hours. we will leave the program at about 11:30 eastern. >> from the permanent representative of ukraine to the security council, 2014/136. it is adopted. in accordance with number 37 of the council's rules, i invite the representative of ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 2039 of the provisional rules of procedures, i invite the assistant secretary general for political affairs to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. i now giv
conference was held monday and john kerry spoke. this is 40 minutes. >> norm, thank you. thank you very much. thank you all, 14,000 strong or more. howard friedman and executive director, incoming president bob cullen, incoming chairman, outgoing chairman lee rosenberg, and ambassador dan schapiro. i know where our ambassadors are. [applause] let me tell you, it is really an enormous pleasure for me to be able to be here, it is a privilege. it is good to see so many friends, 14,000 of you. it is frightening to see me on such large screens here. last time i spoke to aipac i joined your national summit in napa valley, by way of satellite, and you were in the vineyards, i was overseas, a different kind of figure. today i am getting the better end of the deal because i'm here with you in person, and your wine selection is limited this time. [laughter] i had the pleasure of speaking to aipac back in the 1990's, a great honor, and every time i come here, when i get a chance to talk to a smaller session this is a remarkably inspiring gathering. people from every corner of the country coming togethe
. we are concerned about the middle east peace process. we are concerned that john kerry has been pushed into this. it's a serious issue. stagesnately, at various of his campaign, he was played with either new ukrainian authorities. for instance, the first meeting he had with the new chairman of the rada, their press service reported that he supported the current processes. what it meant onto those circumstances when n -- was not clear. the day before there was the february 21 agreement that was supported by the secretary-general. if the representative was there, you would them to support this agreement which was signed the day before. then we are given the expedition that he did not really say or mean it. what he said was completely different. is treading on very difficult ground. if you are asking again about crimea,ibility of the if the authorities are ok with that, why not? it's not a situation where one can improvise. muchnk we have seen too improvisation rather than sticking to the solid ground of the february 21 agreement. situationere was the at the beginning of the syrian
kerry and all those. at the samepening general time these negotiations were taking place in geneva. i know he shared this with other senators. we are looking at something that is really going to change the allen's on the ground. -- we'ree balance looking at something that is really going to change the balance on the ground. 15-3.k the vote was arm and train the vetted moderate rebel groups. at the time, interest -- idris was the person we are casting our lot behind. by the way, i think you have seen public announcements by the administration. they have said some things about covert activities. i do not think i've ever heard people announced before. it is an unusual way of owing about foreign policy. of significance has really occurred. camps on then the border of syria. i know i saw it. i was there prior to the conflict. i have -- i know assad. i was there prior to the conflict. i reckon i do know some of the refugees. i have said our country is going to continue the humanitarian efforts. those things have not occurred. different place. we do need to continue to look at what that migh
. but there was a headline on your website referring to michele troll getsretiring goaded." said that kerry russian intervention would be a mistake. he says any declaration from this of menstruation carries a weight of a feather. better than nothing, better still would be backing these words with the flotilla and the black sea. after the united states was leading europe to counter russian pressure and make up for its punishments until the ukraine is on a firm footing. you agree with that assessment? the weight of this administration carries the weight of the feather? caller: yes, i do. mr. putin will do what he wants to do. he will do that. pretty much anything is going to do what they want to do. china, whoever. not much we can do right now. we are so wounded right now with the current president. he much the rest of the government. especially the senate right now. referringclip you are to is not a c-span clip by the user created clip. we will certainly look into that for you. let's go to ronald waiting in monterey, california. on our line for independents as we continue to talk about the ukraine t
the talks that are going on as we speed between u.s. secretary of state john kerry and foreign minister lavrov. given the fertility of the situation on the ground, does the prime minister agreed one important outcome from these talks would be if they lead to direct high level talks between russia and ukraine? >> in order to de-escalate the situation the most important thing that should be arranged is a forum for discussions in which the russians and ukrainians can speak to each other. there have been some contacts between russia ministers and ukrainian ministers. this morning their meetings taking place in paris covering other issues as well but there has been some progress in putting together a contact group, an idea i proposed to the prime minister back in january to start having a group of countries around russia and ukraine to encourage such dialogue to take place. that's the single most important thing that could help to de-escalate the situation. >> mr. speaker, clearly we all up for a good outcome from those talks by the eu also has a crucial role to play. does he agree the eu at
traveling with secretary kerry who was in the ukraine yesterday and who is meeting in paris with his russian counterpart as other other -- as well as other foreign members. that is infected to take place this morning east coast time in paris to discuss what is the to deal with ukraine and russia's role in it. ernest, gocaller, ahead. caller: i am wondering why we just don't go to a flat tax? manye called the show times before, and it is always gone over, but everybody realizes we need to go to a flat tax. i do not understand why the government is not to say ok, let's do a flat tax across the board. we will have more money coming in then we will ever use. it is my question. thank you. guest: i understand why the caller and many other people find the flat tax as a nice notion. it certainly seems pretty simple. you just have a simple amount and you send a check and it is over. but that it is a bit more complicated than that. first of all, americans make a huge range of different money, of course, and a flat tax -- in the sense that people who make very little income today do not pay much tax an
released its global human rights report card for 2013. secretary of state john kerry said. is leading and human rights violations. he also talked about attacks against lgbt communities around the world in recent political conflicts in ukraine. >> before we start. >> good morning, everybody. morning --o allergies this morning. i am delighted to be here this morning for the second human rights report i have issued as secretary. particularly pleased to be here with our acting assistant secretary for human rights and who is performing these asponsibilities incapacity an interim assistant secretary but who has done a spectacular job and has led the department in a year-long process to track and make the assessments reflected here, so i think them for a job particularly well done on this year's human rights strugglehe fundamental for dignity, for decency in the treatment of human beings between each other and between is a drivingtizens force in all of human history, and from our own nation's this is a workw in progress. was written into our constitution before it was written out. we know th
can follow c-span's , and here is secretary of state john kerry on meet the press. >> let me make it clear. president putin is not operating from a place of strength here. ? was his supporting president. he was thrown out despite support. and in ausing force completely inappropriate manner that will invite banker the world, and it already is. he is not going to gain by this. he may be able to have his troops for some time in crimea, but the fact is he is going to lose on the international stage, russia's going to lose, the russian people are going to lose. is going to lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics coming his $60 billion extravaganza. he is not going to have in sochi g-8 company may not even remaining in the g-8 if this continues. asset find himself of freezes on russian businesses, american businesses may pull back, there may be a old -- further tumble of the ruble. united,tates is russia's isolated, this is not a position of drink. >> we rebroadcast all of the sunday talk shows in about half an hour. a look at our facebook page with what you think will happen
to provide the stability. promote secretary kerry will attend the anybo gathering of this group. the united states is also committed to ensuring an end to era of impunity for political assassinations. we support the special tribunal for lebanon trials ton one manage bring it justice those responsible for assassinating and ormer prime minister dozens of others. too longer ited accountability and justice. unfortunately political violence plagues lebanon. in december the former finance minister and ambassador to the assassinated. was r. chairman, lebanon has faced challenges since its independence. he accord in 1989 helped end civil war. u.n. security council resolution 1701 helped structure a eturn to stability then they established the principle all parties and factions should sustained from regional conflicts. to be implemented. that declaration needs to be all parties.y has t the problems lebanon friends and united states is an person friend and will continue. with the people of lebanon now. it is in our national interests stable lebanon able to defend its interests. thank you. forward to
to applaud secretary kerry for already trying to address this and floating the idea of $1 billion that would then go to immediate aid. i want to call upon the european union, headquarters in brussels, and all the individual european countries to do the same. it's important now for this financial faith and confident dense so that the people -- confidence so that the people of ukraine can continue to move rward and develop some financial security in this transitional period. this is also critical in that this occurs as a bridge before the international monetary fund weighs in. the international monetary fund, obviously needs to have a stable government to deal with. it also needs to have and will ask for reforms, transparency, rule of law, some financial controls to get the ledger solidified in ukraine. and that is what they should do. so the important aspect of this debate is that the individual countries that have concern about the stability of what's formerly called the captive nations, the eastern block, now countries that want to be in the european community, a free, democratic institutio
and secretary kerry have also spoken out forcefully in condemning violence in venezuela. let me be clear, it is not just the united states that is taking notice of recent events in venezuela. the inter-american commission on human rights released a statement on february 14 which, i quote, expresses its concerns over the serious incidents of violence in a have taken place in the context of protests demonstrations in venezuela as well as other complaints concerning acts of censorship against media outlets and acts of alleged political persecution. unquote. last week the european parliament passed a resolution calling on the venezuelan government to release jailed opposition members and protesters and to end the violence. i hope all member states of the o.a.s., the organization for american states, will similarly call on the venezuelan government to abide by the o.a.s. convention on human rights and the inter inter-american democratic charter. finally, let me say the only way out of this crisis is through dialogue. our resolution makes it absolutely clear by encouraging, quote, a process of
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